JUKEBOX HERO Available on Windows 8

We are very pleased that Bad Moon Dev's app Juke Box Hero was approved for release as one of the apps to be offered in the initial release of Windows 8. You can download it here.










Do you have what it takes to be a Juke Box Hero? Can you name the artist quick enough to earn your badges and take your rightful place in music history? This game will challenge even the most seasoned music enthusiast by playing a music clip and providing a selection of artists to pick from... but pick fast, because every second counts(down your points that is).

 You will also get to discover music while playing this game and have opportunities to listen to clips and download DRM-free MP3s of the song or entire album.










Reviewer Jeff Brand offered us these comments at his site SlickThought.net: "With support for sharing accomplishments, finding music, and earning badges, this is a fun app if you are into music.  Great job to the gang over at Bad Moon Dev."